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With roots in the construction industry, Central Arkansas Fireplaces is well-versed in installing, servicing, and supplying parts for fireplaces and grills. After all, once you have a beautiful fireplace, it’s important to maintain it. We respond to service calls regarding any issue you may be experiencing with your fireplace. Our dedicated team works with contractors and homeowners who are building a new home or remodeling an existing one. We will install and service the fireplaces that we sell.

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Here's a quick overview of the types of fireplaces, grills, and accessories we offer at Arkansas Central Fireplaces.

    • Direct Vent Gas
    • Vent-free logs & fireboxes
    • Vented gas logs
    • Open front wood burning
    • Energy-efficient wood burning (doors & a fan)
    • Electric
    • Gas & Wood inserts
    • Gas & Wood Stove
    • Gas & Wood firepits
    • Grills (stand-alone, or built-in)

Service Overview

We Install

Not only do we assist you in selecting a fireplace, but we also deliver and install it. As part of our services, our devoted team will securely install your fireplace on-site, integrating it seamlessly into your home. We'll check every connecting part for peace of mind. It's that easy with Arkansas Central Fireplace.

We Repair

We service everything we sell, and will help repair older gas fireplaces (even if it was not purchased through us) . For nearly any issue you’re experiencing, our handy team is on it. From broken pilots to low heat output and to replacing parts, we're your go-to specialists.

We Maintain

To keep your fireplace running optimally year-round, routine maintenance and cleaning are key. We can deep clean your gas fireplace, check all functions and make the necessary adjustments we need for your fireplace during a visit.

Our Accessory Room

Get everything you need and more for your fireplace from our in-house accessory room! If you seek quality fireplace accessories, our accessory room features an immense variety ranging from grates to cleaners to fireplace rugs!

Submit a service request

Submit a service request

A Few Things to Consider

We strive to take care of our customers that have purchased units from us in a timely manner. Since the fall and winter months are hectic, yearly cleanings are best scheduled during summer through September for quicker service.

Existing Customers:

    • Please note if the Invoice was in your name or the contractor's name.

New Customers:

    • If you own a newer home, we suggest contacting the company the fireplace was purchased from originally.
    • We no longer service Desa, Tempco, Marco, or Martin.
    • Keep in mind; we are limited to the number of service calls we can do during the winter months that were not purchased from us.

*We are currently not taking any new customers for service calls until we are able to take care of current customers.*

Feel free to call (501) 336-0532 to check on scheduling and availability.

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